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Are you looking for my blog? (formerly "A Notebook", recently moved)

Me In a Nutshell

I love math, stats, computer science, machine learning, data visualization, and writing -- though unequally. Variety of experiences makes me a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, which may not be a bad thing for a data scientist.

I prefer not to put myself into the "entrepreneur" bucket, even though I have  founded a startup  that is now an open source data visualization software.

Writing non-fiction helps me organize my thoughts. Writing fiction forces me to understand humanity. The non-fiction content is in a blog.

I love teaching and public speaking, and hope to become more experienced at it.

Bragging Bio

During my time studying pure math at University of Waterloo, I scored 33 points on the Putnam math contest (where median score is 0 most years). Sixteen (16) months of my undergrad was spent in California on internships at companies Facebook, ContextLogic (Wish), and Tagged. I wrote on the Facebook Data Science blog.

won things.

In 2011, I founded a startup, Polychart. In 2012, I rejected an (non-trivial) acquisition offer, instead opting for a break-up of the entire team. In 2013, with a re-built team, we were one of five companies in the ExtremeStartups accelerator. In late 2013 Polychart was open sourced.

A few blog posts that I hate the most have gone on the front page of Hacker News.

Links, Projects, Things.

Tiny EpiphanyThis is my blog, formerly known as "A Notebook". I write about whatever comes to mind, technical and not.

PolychartData visualization software that connects directly to your database, and helps you explore the data using drag-and-drop.

Polychart.JSJavaScript library built on top of RaphaelJS. My take on the Grammar of Graphics and how to handle interactions. The way data transformations are handled are interesting here too.

My ResumeBecause having a home page and a blog isn't narcissitic enough already.

Data In ColourA now defunct data (visualization) blog. I keep it up there still to keep links alive. I bought both domains  and because I am Canadian.

Secret ComicLate 2013, I was deep in a quarter-life crisis and drew some comics. Didn't tell anyone about it so keep it a secret.


You can email me at lisa [at] polychart [dot] com. I try my best to answer.

Alternatively, you can tweet to me at @lisaczhang .